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Helping people move towards living the life they desire


Having studied health sciences at University and spending many years working in the medical and health industry, my passion for a greater understanding of the human mind, behaviour and change processes led me to complete a Diploma of Modern Psychology and complete Master Practitioner Training in Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching.


With a focus on ensuring my clients have a comfortable and enjoyable experience, I strive for my clients to achieve successful lasting change.

“So many people don’t realise how great their life can be and how achievable it is.”

After tapping into the power of the mind and utilising these modern techniques to overcome my own challenging health issues, I am an incredibly passionate practitioner and strong advocate of change through these modalities.

I feel an overwhelming sense of commitment to ensure people have the opportunity for change and achieve the lives they want through my work.


With extensive clinical experience, I take professionalism and privacy standards very seriously. As such, I honour the ethical and professional standards as outlined by The Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA). 

If you are ready to change an aspect of your life or completely transform it, I can help.

Rachel Ferrari
Inspirational Change Leader
Therapist Coach


Master Practitioner: Hypnotherapy

Master Practitioner: Neurolinguistic Programming

Master Practitioner: Life Coaching

Health Coaching Australia: Health Coaching

Bachelor Applied Science (Health Science)

Bachelor Applied Science (Nutrition & Dietetics)


Shepparton 3630, Victoria 


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