Modern Mind Solutions also offers highly effective coaching to help you achieve almost anything you want in life!

What is it that you have been wanting to do so badly?

Get fitter?

Start that business?

Save more money?

Have better relationships?

Whatever it is, my success coaching can help you achieve your goal.


My results in coaching comes from guiding my clients through the steps to get really clear about their goals and what needs to happen, any barriers that stand in the way and how to overcome them.

The structured and efficient methods I use with my clients empowers them to become motivated in just the right way that works for them so that they really own the journey. The clarity and accountability that I provide ensures both satisfaction in the process and achievement in ways my clients never imagined were possible.

My coaching is action oriented and efficiency focused - it’s not a casual chat.

Using Skype or telephone has been found to be very successful for coaching and is my preferred method however, some people prefer face to face.

Contact me to discuss the right coaching structure for you.

Shepparton 3630, Victoria 


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